To Those Who's Political Position is mis-leading all BC Citizens on Site C Feasibility:

The years of 'true' and 'virtual' drilling results, the monthly summary progress reports, and a witness to the BC Government of the day, forcing the three Senior Engineers on this Project to write a POLITICAL FALSE REPORT, amounts to the need for a full Independant Public Investigations into Political Interference!

All the Engineers in the world would not recommend any Dam Built on these CONDITIONS:

1)  For Three Hundred Meters below the River Bed, the lack of necessary solid material, could be compared too building a DAM across Sea Island Sub Ground condition at the mouth of the Fraser River - one shake and high propability of complete collapse if not before!

2)  Slip plains
, in 10 meter grouping, are as thin as 2 mm - almost to a drilled depth 150M of 300M total!

3)  Neither a Concrete nor Earth filled dam could ever be placed on this kind of UNSTABLE DEPTH of Subsurface Material. No feasible cost could ever overcome such conditions!

4)  There was very little solid core material that would even come close to the amount required for 'LOAD BEARING' to meet any design - especially with such depths of this Unstable Slip Plain like material!

5)  The word FEASIBILITY
, first means that you have a viable stable Geotechnical Condition!

6)  The word FEASIBILITY, secondly means that you can build an economically or financially sound DAM structure that will yield a Good Safe return - that "DOES NOT APPLY AT SITE C AND NEVER DID!

7)  Liken unto Revelstoke's witnessed financial disastrous cost over-runs(!), (Due to Bad Out-sourced Engineering), Site C, ignoring the fact that it is NOT Geotechnically FEASIBLE, could never be less than three to four times the Political stated cost of $6 Billion.

8)  The word FEASIBILITY
, in this case, can only be used in an ENGINEERED APPLICATION and NOT A POLITICAL ONE!

9)   As thoroughly dicussed, with the best SENIOR ENGINEER, BC HYDRO had at the time, the question ended in who could they get to write a FALSE REPORT for the demanding 'Political Hydro Board of Directors'

10) The three Senior Engineers agreed on not assigning the Report Writting to any of the Engineers who had done such a detailed and excellent full job in finding this SITE C as NOT FEASABLE and assigned a 'lacky
', who did very little work on any one of the Eight Projects that were being worked, at the time, simply because his work had to be often corrected and reviewed for ERRORS.


The BC Government is once again being very dishonest and not acting in a trustworthy or responsible manner to the Citizens of BC!

The BC Citizens have been misled in so many expensive and outrageously overpriced projects that have no place or need in the progess of the BC Economy!

There is also a very high probability that this is well connected to the Water War Crimes (http://www.waterwarcrimes.com/)!  Check this WWC site out thoroughly with an open yet investigative mind!

The Province of British Columbia should first put an end to the BILLIONS being Extorted by the Criminal Drug Lords of High Society and Laundered into Offshore Accounts, before further spending money that the TAX BASE cannot support!
This Criminal Underground Society (and ECONOMY) is ultimately destroying all future generations - permanently!

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